Measuring photosynthesis in Haiti Zanmi Kafe
Cons Bio Students raise funds and awareness for environmental NGO in Belize Belize Forest Conservation
Dr. Thea Edwards Fulbright Scholar 2015-2016
Conservation Biology Class Visits Spotted Salamander Drift Fence Students in the field
Explore opportunities from cave biology to molecular genetics Student-Faculty Research
Dr. Kristen Cecala Professor Receives TWRA Grant


The Antman Cometh
November 23, 2015
'The Antman Cometh,' an article written by Tom Sanders, focuses on Sewanee students and faculty conducting a pioneering—and distinctly eusocial—study of Haitian ants with help from a leading expert in Hispaniolan Ant studies, David Lubertazzi.
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Biology Professor Thea Edwards awarded grant from Coypu Foundation
October 20, 2015
Biology Professor Thea Edwards has been awarded a grant from the Coypu Foundation, which was established by John S. McIlhenny in 1988.
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Sewanee Biology Students Present Research at a Regional Conference
October 19, 2015
Four Sewanee students from the Biology department who work in the laboratory of Professor Brandon Moore participated in the 2015 Southeast Regional Meeting of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology at Georgia Tech University.
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