Faculty & Staff

Brandon C. Moore

Associate Professor of Biology
B.A., Duke University B.S., Arizona State University Ph.D., University of Florida

Campus Office
Spencer Hall 163
(931) 598-1497

Dr. Moore is a reproductive biologist who focuses on understanding the morphology and physiology of copulatory mechanisms across a diversity of species.

He earned his Ph. D. in Zoology from the University of Florida (2009) exploring American alligator ovary development under Dr. Louis Guillette.  His current research activities focus on understanding the functional anatomy of the alligator phallus and how this structure is placed in the evolutionary context of related crocodillian and bird phalli.

In the classroom, Dr. Moore instructs anatomy and physiology classes. He is a strong proponent of active learning strategies, teaching effective scientific communication skills, and incorporating the arts (S.T.E.A.M.) into curriculum activities. When not on campus, he can be found in his kayak, on his mountain bike, or on local trails.