Sewanee biology class raises funds for Belize conservation effort

Students in Professor Jon Evans’ Conservation Biology class this semester at the University of the South conducted a fundraiser for Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD), a nongovernmental organization in Belize. FCD is dedicated to conserving the Chiquibul Forest, a biodiversity hotspot that is being threatened by illegal agricultural incursions, logging, extraction, and poaching.

The students learned about FCD using a blended learning educational module created by Geanina Fripp, a junior Ecology and Biodiversity major at Sewanee. Students raised more than $1,500, as well as awareness about FCD and their efforts. FCD was appreciative of the funds (presented during a conversation with the class via Skype), which will be used for forest rangers to safeguard the park.  To learn more about FCD, visit the educational module at

Students in Professor Evans Conservation Biology Class raising money