Biology Senior Majors Present Honors Theses

Biology Senior Majors photos

Biology Senior Honors Theses were presented by graduating seniors Ashley Block, Sarah Delong, Charlotte Henderson, Vincent Leray, Theresa Monypeny, and Eileen Schaeffer (pictured left to right by row) at this year's Scholarship Sewanee oral presentation session.


Ashley Block (Ecology & Biodiversity)
Novel and Converging Forest Communities Following Agricultural Abandonment ()

Sarah Delong (Ecology & Biodiversity)
The Effect of Kalmia latifolia as a Persistent Understory on Oak Regeneration In Sewanee, TN ()

Samuel Grenfell-Dexter (Biology)
Roles of steroid signaling, cholesterol, and amino acids on the lifespan of Caenorhabditis elegans

Charlotte Henderson (Ecology & Biodiversity)
Crude protein content of repeatedly-clipped and “previously-unclipped” rangeland grasses following fire

Vincent Leray (Biology)
Evolution of reproductive isolation in Ptomaphagus cave beetles

Theresa Monypeny (Ecology & Biodiversity)
Influence of White Pine Management on Invertebrate Communities

Eileen Schaeffer (Ecology & Biodiversity)
Short Term Effects of High Severity Fire on Moth Communities in New Mexico