Biology Senior majors present honors theses 2015

Left to right: Callie Oldfield, Angelica De Freitas, Hannah Fay & Walker Ueland

Angelica De Freitas

Title: The Role of Histone Deactylases in Mammary Tumorigenesis

Adviser: Dr. Alyssa Summers

Hannah Fay

Title: The effect of a disease-associated ataxin-3 protein expressed in different tissue types on the organismal heat shock response in C. elegans 

Adviser: Dr. Elise Kikis

Walker Ueland

Correlation of tafazzin (TAZ) gene expression with cardiolipin composition in the Eastern red spotted newt (Notophthalmus viridescens viridescens)

Adviser: Dr. Nancy Berner

Callie Oldfied

Twelve years of repeated wild hog activity prootes population maintenance of an invasive clonal plant in a coastal due ecosystem

Adviser: Dr. Jonathan Evans