Biology Students and Alumni Present Plant Ecology Research at Botany Conference

Plant Ecology & Conservation Lab group photo

Dr. Jon Evans’s Plant Ecology and Conservation lab travelled to Savannah, Georgia from August 1-3, 2016 to present three research posters at the Botanical Society of America annual meeting. Summer undergraduate interns Katie Kull (C’17 - Ecology and Biodiversity) and Kimberly Williams (C’17 - Biology/Psychology) and graduate fellows Ashley Block (C’13 - Ecology and Biodiversity) and Callie Oldfield (C’15 - Biology) worked together on three projects concerning long-term changes in forest communities and the effects of nutrient limitations of soil on the Cumberland Plateau.

The poster presentations were well-received by fellow botanists who offered these students feedback. This conference was a wonderful opportunity for our Sewanee undergraduates to learn more about the various subfields of botanical science and generate new ideas and methodologies. In addition, students had the opportunity to meet and learn about the research of lab alumna Ashley Morris (C’97), a professor at Middle Tennessee State University.

Undergraduates Katie Kull and Kimberly Williams present at Botany

This opportunity was made possible by the Sewanee Biology Department, Sewanee Undergraduate Research Fund, and Sewanee Herbarium.


Images of posters presented below:

Ashley Block -- The role of agricultural legacies in generating novel plant communities in nutrient-limited forests:  A case study from the southern Cumberland Plateau, TN.

Katie Kull and Kimberley Williams  -- Change in biomass accumulation over thirty-seven years in a nutrient-limited, upland temperate forest.  

Callie Oldfield -- Ecological resistance to woody species loss in two adjacent southern Appalachian communities.

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