Scientist and film maker Dr. Nigel Noriega gives guest lecture

Dr. Noriega Pic

Scientist and Film Maker Dr. Nigel Noriega presented a lecture on the topic How Is Value Assigned To Tropical Forests?‌ Friday, January 30, 2015.   You can see some of his work in this brief video.

Dr. Noriega is founder and director of a research field station and non-profit organization called Sustainable Innovation Initiatives in Trinidad, his home country.  In his lecture, Dr. Noriega will address how value is assigned to tropical forests with examples that connect ecological sustainability to economic security.  He uses film to teach about biodiversity, economics, and the power of community action.

Dr. Noriega's visit was organized by Dr. Thea Edwards and Dr. Brandon Moore in Biology, and funding was provided by the University Lectures Committee, Departments of Biology, Film Studies, Chemistry, and Forestry and Geology.