Professor John R. Palisano's Research Is The First Report Of Labeling Lamin B With Quantum Dots

Professor John R. Palisano presented his research findings which are the first report of labeling lamin B with quantum dots.  At the May, 2014 Meeting of The Southeastern Microscopy he presented a poster entitled Nanoparticle Labeling of Lamin B showing his research.

Dr. Palisano describes in his words about his research:
"Several years ago, I became interested in a special membrane system, called confronting cisternae, that are only found in selected fetal and tumor cells. I am interested in the role of confronting cisternae during cell division and their origin. While I have a great deal of indirect evidence that confronting cisternae arise during the breakdown of the nuclear envelope during mitosis and later contribute to the reassembly of the nuclear envelope at the end of mitosis, I have to correlate fluorescence microscopy images with the electron microscopy images to support my hypothesis. The development of nanoparticles known as quantum dots makes it possible to make this correlation because quantum dots fluoresce under a fluorescent microscope and have an uniform size that can be detected with an electron microscope. However, until now no one has been able to label lamin B, a nuclear envelope specific protein with quantum dots."