Sewanee Research Onstage in the Big Easy

Alongside Mardi Gras king cake and rattling streetcars, three Sewanee undergraduate researchers presented their latest findings at the Society for Integrative Biology Conference in New Orleans, LA,  January 2017. 


Ashley Malpica (C’17), Reeda Shakir (C’17), and Rachel Francis (C’19) of the Moore Laboratory each presented posters of their current work.


Ashley Malpica continued to investigate how impacted water quality can alter mosquitofish development in “Comparing Two Techniques of Analyzing Sexual Dimorphic Gambusia affinis Skeletal Structure: Clearing and Staining to X-Ray”


Reeda Shakir and Rachel Francis presented their continuing studies to better understand the basic biology of alligator reproductive anatomy:  “Assessing Alligator Phallic Collagen Architecture using Picrosirius Red Staining & Polarized Light Microscopy” and “Morphology Changes in Alligator Phallic Glans via Artificial Inflation”.


In addition to the valuable experience of presenting their work to a large conference audience, students traveling to conferences gain exposure to the broader research community and an opportunity to network with potential graduate school advisors.