Savannah Morning News Features Hog-Nutsedge Research

Oldfield Evans hog nutsedge article Asher KolmanCallie Oldfield (C’15) and Jonathan Evans (Professor of Biology) were interviewed by the Savannah Morning News about their recent publication on the positive interaction between yellow nutsedge and wild hogs. Published in Ecology and Evolution, researchers found that wild hogs disturbed the dunes on St. Catherines Island, promoting yellow nutsedge populations through the removal of native plant cover. Wild hogs returned to the same disturbances to forage, continuing the cycle of yellow nutsedge promotion. They speculated that this was the first documented instance of a mammal farming a plant, other than seen in humans.

Read the full Savannah Morning News article, “St. Catherines' pigs don't fly, but they do farm,”written by Asher Kolman.