Sewanee-Haiti Partners in Coffee initiative featured in College & Planning Management Magazine

An article entitled Partners in Coffee: Integrating international outreach into sustainability education was featured in the January 2014 edition of College Planning & Management Magazine.  Partners in Coffee (Zanmi Kafe) is a program that began in 2007 involving a partnership between Sewanee and the NGO Zanmi Agrikol (Partners in Agriculture) in Haiti.  This project was designed in part to provide Haitian farmers with income-generating trees that reforest slopes and sequester carbon thereby providing sustainibility educational opportunities for Sewanee and Haitian students cross-culturally.  The article was penned by Sewanee Biology Professor Deborah McGrath.


Zanmi Kafe is supported by a interdisciplinary team of students, staff, and faculty. Post-baccalaureate fellow, Charlotte Henderson (Ecology & Biodiversity, C'13), has been dedicated the project for the past year, with a focus on student engagement and the Student Green Fee. Linnea Carver (Ecology & Biodiversity, C'14), Ford Rushton (Natural Resources, C'14), and Elizabeth Sega (Biology, C'15) spent their past summer in Haiti as interns working on the project with Haitian farmers and agronomists. Their fantastic work and dedication has continued into the school year.  This work was presented to the Board of Regents Monday evening (February 10th) in Harris Commons of Spencer Hall.  Linnea and Elizabeth, along with Charlotte, will assist with leading this year's spring break Outreach trip to Haiti to continue work on the project.